Krieg der Hörnchen

What do you think about the people who accuse you of only coming here to take all of the acorns away from our squirrels and eat them yourself?

There is war in the animal kingdom. A new race is spreading out across Europe. The American gray squirrel is strong, more resistant, more potent and will supplant our red squirrel sooner or later. The foreigner will enter our forests.

This piece is about the fear of change, the fear of foreign domination and about the desire for everything to stay like it has always been.

The performance examines the discourse in the media about the spread of the gray squirrel in European territory as a debate derived from the socio-biological categories of the discourse on race as model for explaining societal processes of change. The point of departure is a meticulously compiled archive of squirrels, framed by an associative audio-video collage.

Photo: Andreas Hartmann

Photos: Andreas Hartmann

Without using words, the performer gives herself over to a confrontation with the archive and, in doing so, does not lose her voice, but instead consciously refrains from engaging in live commentary. In doing so, the performance offers up impressions, discussions and opinions, but leaves the positioning to the audience.


DRAMATURGY Martin Zepter

SCENOGRAPHY Henrike Terheyden

SOUND, MUSIC Katharina Pelosi

VIDEO Norman Grotegut


Funded by the Ministry for Science and Art of Lower Saxony, Stiftung Niedersachsen and the Integrationsleitstelle Hildesheim.

The world premiere was in 2012 at the Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim.

2013 Festival Black Lux Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Titania-Theater