Simone Dede Ayivi and Accomplices is a good network made up of nice people with extraordinary competencies in their fields of work.

The works are created together over the course of a shared process where all of the accomplices can contribute their questions, their (specialist) knowledge) and their craft.

Foto: Manuel Kinzler

she works as a freelance lighting designer, technical director and realizes video projects from filming all the way to editing.

Swoosh Lieu

works as an audio artist in the areas of performance, choreography, audio drama and installation.

Swoosh Lieu

is a trained media designer working with images and sound.

Gefährliche Arbeit

works in the areas of stage design, costume design and space design.


works as a production manager.


is a costume designer.

is a dancer and choreographer.


is a set and costume designer.


works as a set and costume designer and creates her own projects.


is a sound designer, composer and music producer.


works as a dramaturg and production manager.

she has worked in Berlin as a lighting designer and technical director since 2011.

works as a freelance graphic and web designer and creates beautiful website like this one amongst other projects.

works in puppet theater, lighting design and as a technical director.


Gefährliche Arbeit

Berliner Ringtheater

is a freelance set and costume designer.

is a costume designer.

works as a scenography assistant, assistant director, production assistant as well as a dancer.

works as a translator, dramaturg and moderate theater, literature and discourse formats.


is translator.

is an author and PR manager.

(she/her) is a freelance artist and costume designer.

works for art projects in the fields of visual and performing arts.

is a freelance illustrator and designer.


ehrliche arbeit – freies Produktionsbüro – is a production company for the independent performing arts and has functioned as a platform and infrastructure for independent projects since 2006.

ehrliche arbeit