An Audiovisual Convocation of Voices

The online audiovisual installation is dedicated to the family histories, generational conflicts, political struggles and visions for the future in families with a heritage of migration. From the perspective of the second generation of migrants, they talk about being a parent and being a child in the migration society:

“Our parents came here. We grew up here. We are children of the 1990s. And we are still living in Germany. Our parents had to explain Solingen, Mölln and Rostock-Lichtenhagen to us. We are talking with our children about Halle and Hanau.”

The writer and theater maker Simone Dede Ayivi has set up a circle of chairs right in the middle of Germany and invited five accomplices from the second generation of immigrants to share their childhood experiences and memories of their youth with each other. Their shared point of departure is the sentence: “We came to this country so that you could have things better than we did.” In doing so, the stories themselves are very different: the families came from different countries and contexts, they came to work or were forced to flee their home or were following true love. They grew up in fancy suburbs or in accommodations for displaced persons.

On, these voices from different communities have been brought together into interview-based audio tracks and are accompanied by short videos. Visitors can move playfully through the space and are invited to selected individual themed chapters completely according to their own interests and following the conversations.

Graphic Design: Lena Rossbach

In this online installation, Simone Dede Ayivi and her accomplices create an virtual circle of chairs and talk about growing up in Germany.

Graphic Design: Lena Rossbach

CONCEPT Simone Dede Ayivi
SPACE CONCEPT Theresa Reiwer
DRAMATURGY Selma Böhmelmann
CONVERSATION PARTNERS Fatma Kar, Dan Thy Nguyen, Kadir Özdemir, Nabila and Lenssa
SOUND, MUSIC Katharina Pelosi
VIDEO Jones Seitz
WEB DEVELOPMENT Niklas Jurij Plessing
PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
PRESS, PR Sarah Rosenau (contact: mail[at] SOCIAL MEDIA ASSOCIATE Selma Böhmelmann

In addition, we would like to thank: Katharina, Kira, Caetano, Mariana, Oscar, Cynthia, Tahir, Rosana, Queila, Leonardo, Sandra, Fabi, Idir, Houaïda, Estevão, Aiko, Bibiana, Eric and Ruby

A production by Simone Dede Ayivi and Accomplices. Financed by Fonds Darstellende Künste as part of NEUSTART KULTUR using funds from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In cooperation with Sophiensæle Berlin, Impulse Theater Festival and Theater im Pavillon Hanover.